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IJPMR 2005 October; Volume 16, Number 2



Guest Editorial: Cox-2 Inhibitors - Recent Controversies. Dr Kamal Kishore

Editorial: Cox-2 Inhibitors - Controversy over Controversy. Dr U Singh

Original Papers

1. Risk Factors and Stroke Outcome – An Indian Study.  Dr Uma Pandiyan, Prof G Arjundas, De Deepak Arjundas

2. Follow-Up Study of Amputees Using Below Knee Exoskeletal Jaipur Prosthesis with Total Contact High Density Polyethylene Socket. Dr MK Mathur, Dr Anupam Gupta

3. Prevalence and Determinants of Disability in the Rural Elderly Population in Northern India.  Dr Anil Goswami, Dr VP Reddaiah, Dr SK Kapoor, Dr Bir Singh, Dr U Singh,Dr AB Dey, Dr SN Dwivedi, Dr Guresh Kumar

4. What Gait Analysis Tells us about Clinical Examination of Spastic Gait in Children. Dr Ashish S Macaden, Dr Suranjan Bhattacharji, Er Richard KR Chilman,Ganesh T, Dr Jacob George, Er NG Nair

Case Reports

5. Adolescent Osteomalacia: A Case Report of Five Years Follow-up. Dr AK Agarwal

6. An Unusual Case of Scaphoid Fracture with Both Fragments Avascular Necrosis with Delayed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Dr M Nallegowda, Dr U Singh, Dr M Khanna, Dr Shivananda G, Dr SL Yadav

7. Polyarthritis in a HIV Positive Patient. Dr Ak Joy Singh, Dr N Bimol Singh, Dr N Biplab, Dr W Jatiswar Singh

Editor: Dr U Singh
Editorial Board 2005

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