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IJPMR 2007 October; Volume 18, Number 2



Use and Abuse of Modalities, Dr U Singh

Original Papers

1. A Comparative Study on the Effects of Comprehensive Rehabilitation in Uncomplicated Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Patients from Rural and Urban India. Dr Koustubh Chakraborty, Dr Kshetra Madhab Das, Dr Sourav Iswarari, Dr PK Mandal, Dr UN Sarkar, Dr Ambar Ballav, Dr Apurba Barman, Dr Asoke Kumar Middya, Dr Sanjay Kumar Pandey,Dr Ahana Chatterjee

2. Disability in ADL Among the Ederly in an Urban Area of Manipur. Dr Shantibala Konjengbam, Dr Naorem Bimol, Dr Ak. Joy Singh, Dr Ak. Brogen Singh, Dr E Vijaya Devi, Dr Y Manihar Singh

3. Management of Foot Drop due to Post Injection Sciatic Nerve Injury. Dr Ali Mohamad Buhroo, Mir Shakeel Ahmad, Sayed Arshad

Drug Review

4. Diacerein: A New Disease Modulating Agent in Osteoarthritis. Dr B Medhi, Dr PK Singh, Dr A Prakash, Dr Ramesh Sen, Dr Sanjay Wadhwa

Case Reports

5. Double Tendoachilles in One Leg. Dr Rahul Khare, Dr AK Agarwal

6. Rehabilitation of a Patient with Alkaptonuric (Ochronotic) Arthritis. Dr Kshetra Madhab Das, Dr Koustubh Chakraborty, Dr Sanjay Kumar Pandey, Dr Asoke Kumar Middya, Dr Pankaj Kumar Mandal, Dr Ambar Ballav

7. Scheuermann’s Disease –Apprentice’s Spine. Dr Sanjay Keshkar, Dr Ameed Equebal, Dr Ratnesh Kumar, Dr N Jungindro Singh

Editor: Dr U Singh
Editorial Board 2007

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