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IJPMR 1996 April; Volume: 7



Editor's Note: Dr U Singh

Original Papers

1.  IAPMR Oration: Perspectives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr K Janardhanam

2. Epidural Steroid in Conservative Treatment of Prolapse Disc and Lumbar Canal Stenosis. Dr L Nilachandra and Dr Kunjabasi Wangjam

3. Heterotopic Ossification in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury. Dr Rajendra Sharma, Dr Dharmendra Kumar, Dr HC Goyal and Dr Sanjay Sharma

4. Usefulness of Ambulatory Aids in Spinal Cord Injury Cases at Community Level. Dr Pushpendra Singh, Dr HC Goyal and Dr RK Srivastava

5. Role of Motor Nerve Conduction Velocity and ‘H’ Reflex and ‘F’ Wave Latency in Diabetic Neuropathy. Dr S Ramar

6. Clinical and Immunogenetic Profile of Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients in Kashmir.  Dr BA Buth and Dr SD Bisati

Editor: Dr U Singh
Editorial Board 1996

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